Celeb Visits: Jane Linley-Thomas

Posted on Mon November 27, 2023.

Embarking on New Adventures with Jane Linley-Thomas

In the vibrant tapestry of South African radio, Jane Linley-Thomas has been an unmistakable thread for two decades. With an illustrious career at East Coast Radio, she's been a familiar voice, a companion to countless listeners, and a force of positive energy.

Now, as she takes a bold step into the next chapter of her life, Jane visited 305 Guest House to indulge in a tranquil retreat. Join us as we share her experience and insights, offering a glimpse into the world of this remarkable radio personality who is now navigating the journey of connecting people through purpose and play.

From Jane:

What a truly incredible few nights away 305 Guest House. Talk about a room with a view! (And the most comfortable bed ever!)Nothing better than undiluted time with our precious people.

A few highlights include:

* Hours of watching dolphins and whales frolic in the big blue
* A sea side braai
* Watching the kids play happily together, and spending some one on one time with Roc
* Mikey rough and tumbling with the boys
* Lazy lie in mornings, cuddling our big boy Coopie what a treat
* Watching a Spice Girls docci with Lu
* Yummiest full English breakfast
* Driving to the beach in Austin, the cutest little Figaro.
And yes we played the theme tune from Austin Powers on repeat on the JBL speaker, the.whole.way.

I can't tell you the joy and laughter during these car rides. It didn't matter where we were going, down to the beach or a drive down the coast, not only from us inside the car, but for those who we drove past. Big smiles and big waves. Not sure the teen and 2 tweens felt the excitement as much as we did

Michael Thomas your sheer delight which was made so apparent by toot tooting of the hooter, so lovely seeing you so care free and joyous.

* A quick dash into one of my fav 2nd hand shops and picking up two of the most beautiful bright crocheted blankets ever.
* A hot and happy day at the beach (pre sand storm;) hours on beach loving the rough and tumble sea, the gentle tidal pool and warm sand. (note to self also apply suncream on myself not just Mikey and the kids)
* Quality time with a dear friend
* In bed by 7pm snuggled up tight, family time watching reruns of survivor with a storm out at sea
* Watching the sun rise over the ocean and welcoming in a new day

Core memories made for sure.

Thank you Jo for having us!

We return home rested, connected, content, grateful and so happy.